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I missed the lunar eclipse Saturday. But for those of you dear readers who also missed it there is this:

I'd also like you all to welcome a brand new fellow reader who is new to LJ altogether (as in less than one day) [ profile] rogue_dreamer20. :) She is an English student currently in MI and planning on going on to grad school to teach it ultimately besides get some of her work published. Welcome! :)

And now some other bits of Monday randomness:

  • Anna Nicole Smith is now officially, unequivocably buried in the ground. Hopefully, that is the last that will ever need to be said about this woman.

  • A former reader has put Björk onto their MySpace website as musical soundtrack for those who visit their site. Inasmuch as the information about themselves is interesting and informative, one may find the musical addition to either be bizarre or simply odd.

  • Our law school must have really gone aggressive in their recruiting. As far as admissions tours for the month, they have gone from once a week to on average two to five each week. I got roped into three this month (one done last Thurs., another one today, the last toward the end of the month before vacation) mainly because the Head of Ref. thinks the Circ Lib. (Ry.) has gotten into to too many spontaneous tours because of his proximity to the entrance. *mocked sympathy*

  • For some reason, I have Tones on Tails's song "Go!" going around my head. "Yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi...Go!"

  • Speaking of (weekend) music » Music Sample-3/03

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    Here it is, a Monday styled like other Mondays. What is on your mind today, most cared readers? ~ A ghost from two hundred miles west of the Eastern Standard Time zone appears in last night's dream. She says patiently, "I think I lot about what I did. I have more work that needs to be done." ~ I receive hints from my class that some students are tuning-in on my pedagogy. It is too early to say. ~ I find a lizard lounging above gravity on a back room sound system connector wire. I capture it and let it free in the front yard in full view of the neighbors across the street doing their Friday homage. ~ I watch a Sidney Lumet film, one he merely directs instead of writes. It gives me more ideas for a critical study. ~ I feel like there is something I am just missing, something I have not quite got a finger on (I've had these intuitive feelings or senses before (e.g., man formerly known as Creep Librarian)). Perhaps it is something--or someone--I will soon come to know in a short time. ~ I talk again in a semi-alcoholic mind phase to people online L. knew better than I did. I have a dream that night of L. wanting me to make love to her while staying at a friend of mine's house (in MI); I should know better. ~ I discover a few more tapes missing that L. took with her to SoCal (among other things). The CD project is halted until I can recover at least one of them; I wonder aloud if sending her a copy of the whole set through this year for Christmas would inflict some guilt upon her; I doubt it.

    On a much higher musical note (pun humorously intended), weekend music is found here » Music Sample-6/03

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    First starters, I have to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY, [ profile] l_aurens!!!!! I hope you take time to celebrate this day and I hope your new year in this life is inspiring and fulfilling!! :D

    My thoughts for this Monday are pretty random and draw from a few different sources, none the least of which should be unfamiliar to you all, appreciate readers, but still:

    Artfully Arrayed Thoughts )

    ~avec plaisir~
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    You know, dear readers, I don't know if I'm tired, struck by severe ennui, or just plain lonely. But some thoughts have crossed my mind lately. Please respond back to whichever of these piques your interest.

    1. Not sure how to feel about being added by someone I might have posted once to whose first appeared posting is devoted to a brief fling where she finished her partner orally and now would like to send him dedicated sonnets.

    2. Struggling to find a positive avenue with the idea of someone thinking I'm insincere--spoken or virtual--in any thing I say or that some ulterior motive is behind my thinking or feelings without maybe considering I might be completely genuine.

    3. Wondering how the hell I'm going to get my creative endeavors done when I'm concerned too much with getting my personal life out of perpetual stasis.

    4. Trying to keep my finances together so that I don't literally run myself into the ground while still knowing I live comfortably for one person.

    5. Fighting the burn out I think is creeping up to my current worklife and scared to death of dropping everything and starting over by myself.

    6. Wondering if I'll find some woman, any woman, who wants to live in Florida--at least for a short time before considering moving together somewhere else.

    7. Finding a lot of social activities empty and without meaning.

    8. Wondering if this list is all self-deprecating, whiny bullshit.

    ~avec plaisir~
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    Please forgive, dear readers, if I seem to be going all over the place topically this morning. I really haven't been back to sleep since my last visit here.

    1st level )

    2nd level )

    3rd level )

    Sometimes I think it's the idea or emotions or feelings behind things that get summarily tossed out the window like litter. It sucks just as much when you do it to another person as when it is done to you.

    I don't know what the hell I'm talking about so I will stop right here...

    ~avec plaisir~


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