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This morning Lex & Terry devoted part of their radio show to songs from when they were younger that they liked then but are afraid to admit they still like (at the risk of looking old?). Actually, the discussion seemed to originate from one of their regular staff D. speak of his days working for the now-defunct music store chain Camelot; I was impressed by his like of Depeche Mode and Duran Duran. The main show hosts got on to explaining how they liked certain songs that were mostly '80s songs like Culture Club's "Time (Clock of the Heart)" and "Church of the Poisoned Mind" as well as Hall and Oates's "I Can't Go for That (No Can Do)." Then they polled their other staff to name their absolute favorite song ever which is a tough question to answer and they did struggle to answer. Thus, knowing that myself and for sure some of you dear readers ([ profile] queer_theory and [ profile] misfitina I know for sure) are or have been DJs at one time or music collectors and aficiondos and know popular music inside and out, and rather than follow the tract of the above-mentioned radio show and its narrow focus, I thought I would open the floor for this post to talk about anything regarding popular music, new and old. Don't be shy about comment starters, anything goes for pop music in this one, so have at it!

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I missed the lunar eclipse Saturday. But for those of you dear readers who also missed it there is this:

I'd also like you all to welcome a brand new fellow reader who is new to LJ altogether (as in less than one day) [ profile] rogue_dreamer20. :) She is an English student currently in MI and planning on going on to grad school to teach it ultimately besides get some of her work published. Welcome! :)

And now some other bits of Monday randomness:

  • Anna Nicole Smith is now officially, unequivocably buried in the ground. Hopefully, that is the last that will ever need to be said about this woman.

  • A former reader has put Björk onto their MySpace website as musical soundtrack for those who visit their site. Inasmuch as the information about themselves is interesting and informative, one may find the musical addition to either be bizarre or simply odd.

  • Our law school must have really gone aggressive in their recruiting. As far as admissions tours for the month, they have gone from once a week to on average two to five each week. I got roped into three this month (one done last Thurs., another one today, the last toward the end of the month before vacation) mainly because the Head of Ref. thinks the Circ Lib. (Ry.) has gotten into to too many spontaneous tours because of his proximity to the entrance. *mocked sympathy*

  • For some reason, I have Tones on Tails's song "Go!" going around my head. "Yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi, yi...Go!"

  • Speaking of (weekend) music » Music Sample-3/03

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    "...conjunction junction/what's your function?..."

    I'm very proud in that I managed to write 27 manuscript pages last week. The production came in fits and starts--and that is a concern--but still that is not bad. I managed to start and finish the difficult chapter whose real challenges actually worked themselves out as I was writing it. I'm glad I worked out that initial problem because it made for a better chapter. Because I was on a roll, I ended up a few pages into the next chapter which is one of transition (again) for my main protagonist, the pool hustler.

    I did see Friday Letters from Iwo Jima and it is clearly the best film from last year. The acting/writing/direction is brilliant as they are with Flags of Our Fathers but actually a bit more poignant with this film one could say.

    Finally, the Colts made it to Super Bowl XLI. So Payton, win this thing and get the sports people to stop talking about the idea of a crowning achievement to your future Hall of Fame career. (Hopefully before he does any more television commercials.)

    But then there was weekend music...and it was good » Music Sample-1/20

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    I woke up this morning thinking I was in a self-reflecting mood; I'm still not sure.

    In the dream, I was standing on an ocean shore in the hint of light of the day. Nearby, sitting on a beach towel, a woman was writing in a leather covered journal that I knew I had given her in a script that was beautiful to look at. She was mixing poetry with what she was writing; I remember one of the lines being "...Peace quickens the heart..." When the sun started to rise, she stood next to me watching as I, one hand lightly touching my back. Then she shook out the beach towel, draped it over her shoulder, and took my hand leading me back home.

    This week is going to wind up my classes for the term, this year. I hope to be able to start on tonight's papers during the week so that I am not short on time this coming weekend, esp if I plan to go to Pa.'s Jags party (still thinking about it). I plan then to finish the CD project, get some Christmas gifts that I need to send off in the mail, and take care of that next Monday; that Tuesday I will then post the final grades for my classes (hopefully Wed. I get my Xmas present, a laptop :) ). Lots of things going on this week and next. The good thing is I have Friday, Monday-Tuesday off forthcoming to get some of this stuff done. I got a lot of cards out this weekend. :)

    Speaking of weekend » Music Sample-12/09

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    I had a couple of memorable dreams recently.

    In one that occurred this weekend, I remember sitting on a stone hotel balcony that had a wonderful view of the ocean. I could hear the city's language rising from the streets that was familiar in some words and unfamiliar in others. The dream then shifted to the scene of a monstrously green but beautiful mountainside and following my companion, a fit woman who had a black, small backpack and wore tan shorts. I remember us looking up into a gray, cloudy sky at a stone statue of Christ on the mountaintop that looked down at us. She grabbed my hand and said "Come on, let's go" and we hiked up toward that statue.

    In another dream, I was visited by another woman I used to know who wanted to show me her new house. As we sat down for tea, she leaned her head on her hand, her elbow on the table, and said "I lost my muse."

    While at the mall this weekend, I thought I saw an older (as in forties-ish) woman whose smile and eyes looked like N. without being her. I had to duck into a bathroom and compose myself because I was overcome with feelings.

    The weekend music was not PA-driven but was loud just the same. Ooh-la-la! Music Sample-11/25

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    I couldn't come up with a title for this entry for some reason. Oh well, I think this works and you most valued readers aren't too particular on that sort of thing.

    The weekend was rather productive. I stayed out of the cool weather yesterday but did 2½ hours of back yard work Saturday afternoon. As the neighbors across the street were gracious enough to have their revolving visitors not play any of the current crap they normally do but go with old school Motown instead, I trimmed the jungle-ish growth along the neighbor fence (the car-less couple whose dog was pissed out I wasn't either angry at its barking at me or scared). This was after the yard mow. After the fence trimming, I electric trimmed with the new trimmer along the house and trees and fences. Geno, the custodian at work, and I had a conversation not too long ago about the pride in yard work, especially owning said yard, to counter a few comments some people had made about the task. It looks good! (So good that gold cat found a comfortable spot in the grass and sun by the side door of the garage yesterday to sleep very soundly.)

    I have 6 CDs left of the CD project begun in Mar. I haven't counted them all up yet but I will give an accurate total when it's done. I also have copies of each one up to where I am at to send to L., along with title sleeves; I need to go find a good album to put them in since I have a box already to ship it. I am up to summer of last year (i.e., house bought, pre-move).

    I also got through all of my grading and did a little assessment of student progress being just over halfway in the term. Most of the upper level class (1102) are doing all right with a few exceptions. Two thirds of the lower class (1101) are doing pretty good as well. By doing pretty good I mean that should the class end now with their participation and attendance added in they would be just on the bottom or verge of the syllabus final grade points scale (and the letter values attached to them). I will make this knowledge known in tonight's and tomorrow's classes with the option of individual consultations as needed.

    The neighbors only attended part of the weekend music--starting during the loud current rock hour for some reason (I thought they were classic rock kinda folks). Lately, they've been hanging out listening in their screened patio alit with bug-defying candles. On the Internet side, someone emailed me to ask if the Dresden Dolls song ("Necessary Evil") had a video to which I responded "How should I know?"

    Music Sample-11/11

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    It's been a quiet Sunday. I've done nothing today except watch some X-Files episodes and mow the lawn in the back. The day started off sunny but toward midday turned cloudy and looked like it might rain but it didn't. Thus since it wasn't going to do that I cut the back yard that now has a prideful sheen to it in its neatness even in the gray weather. (Maybe the pride is just me.)

    Yesterday was an absolutely beautiful day, just right temperature-wise with a nice breeze blowing most of the day. My sister invited me over to her place west of Jax for belated birthday dinner and cake and Father's Day pie. My parents joined us from Ocala so that was good; it does make up a little for not giving me a call on my birthday. It was a pretty good time. My Dad gave me a revised copy of my parents' will in an envelope that makes me executor of their estate (such as it is) when they die in lieu of my older sister. I could not open it: I left the papers in the envelope and when I got home put them in a safe place. I do not want to look at the information unless I need to--but then the occasion to do so I don't really want to think about at this point anyway.

    Wha-la! Weekend music!
    Music Sample-6/17

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    Here it is, a Monday styled like other Mondays. What is on your mind today, most cared readers? ~ A ghost from two hundred miles west of the Eastern Standard Time zone appears in last night's dream. She says patiently, "I think I lot about what I did. I have more work that needs to be done." ~ I receive hints from my class that some students are tuning-in on my pedagogy. It is too early to say. ~ I find a lizard lounging above gravity on a back room sound system connector wire. I capture it and let it free in the front yard in full view of the neighbors across the street doing their Friday homage. ~ I watch a Sidney Lumet film, one he merely directs instead of writes. It gives me more ideas for a critical study. ~ I feel like there is something I am just missing, something I have not quite got a finger on (I've had these intuitive feelings or senses before (e.g., man formerly known as Creep Librarian)). Perhaps it is something--or someone--I will soon come to know in a short time. ~ I talk again in a semi-alcoholic mind phase to people online L. knew better than I did. I have a dream that night of L. wanting me to make love to her while staying at a friend of mine's house (in MI); I should know better. ~ I discover a few more tapes missing that L. took with her to SoCal (among other things). The CD project is halted until I can recover at least one of them; I wonder aloud if sending her a copy of the whole set through this year for Christmas would inflict some guilt upon her; I doubt it.

    On a much higher musical note (pun humorously intended), weekend music is found here » Music Sample-6/03

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    I don't really have a whole lot to talk about today so this one will be pretty short. The weekend was alright, not eventless, but not that engaging either. Ah well...

    I did get a lawyer-ish carry bag for school and work. I used to bring my backpack from college all the time even into my professional life but it is finally showing wear so I stopped. I guess it's official, I'm a professor type now. :p

    Weekend music is right over here-uh: Music Sample-4/29

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    "Neighbors/do unto strangers/do unto strangers/what you do to yourself" --"Neighbors", The Rolling Stones (Tattoo You, 1981)

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY LETHEBASII!! I hope you are blessed with happiness, success, and fulfillment in this new year in this life!

    I managed to get the front yard's raking done this weekend. The back yard is still left to do but after finishing the front and looking over the back I came to the conclusion that the last mow (~3 weeks ago) mulched and pulverized a lot of the leaves back there already so it wouldn't be as bad as the front. Thus, I stopped there for the day (after which I went to get some beer). I did get five bags of leaves though, mostly due to the next door neighbors tree (the old one that started a fire and knocked out power a few weeks ago [see 57]). I imagine I'll finish the rest of it next weekend (weather permitting). The extreme temperature shifts (-/+/- 20º the past three days) really kicked me in the ass Saturday night and messed with my allergies so that night and all yesterday I was a sniffling fool.

    Speaking of neighbors, I met finally the other neighbor that lives next to me (the one with the tree whose leaves and branches magically appear in my yard), a currently single but with live-in boyfriend woman named Phoebe. I've seen her kid during the summer running through my yard (~8 or 9 year-old boy). She gave me more information about the people living around me (a lot of renters!); apparently, she/son and b/f are moving somewhere else and will be renting their place out (wonderful...). Phoebe also remarked on this being a "quiet" neighborhood and for the most part that is true. (I also mentioned to her that I keep finding branches from her tree in my yard and she got this guilty look on her face and said, "Oh, really?"; interestingly when she had finished her raking she actually put any branches she had found with her bags instead of in my yard.)

    Last night I thought I heard the pop, pop, pop... outside of automatic gunfire then thought I heard the high frequency sound of a deflection of something hitting the side of my house. This morning when I got up I almost stepped onto something sitting in the middle of my bedroom. It turned out to be the remainder of a large caliber bullet and a hole had been shot into my bedroom window: the window was not shattered just the hole and part of a panel of blind. I went out this morning to see if it was my house being shot at; nothing except my window.
    In leaving for work I checked the house next door to me (the one with the young punk kid who woke me up when the tree fire happened who has a wife and now baby) and the front of their (rented) house was riddled with bullets including most of the windows. I hope no one was hurt in there but it now makes me think about the couple more seriously. They used to come out a lot when I had first moved there. Now I rarely see them and they usually keep their lights off (or shielded) but I see at least his parents stopping by weekly with food and stuff since they've never owned a car thus. But with what happened last night, it makes me wonder what they've gotten themselves into to have people shooting at them. Damn, I never had this shit happen in ten years of living in Detroit...

    And finally, aren't the Thin Mint Girl Scout cookies the best mint cookies on the planet? :)

    Oh yeah, weekend music...
    Music Sample-2/18

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    Ack! It's almost ten so no church this week. Ah well...

    First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY FLAQUITA!!! Here's to another year with you in this world! Wish I was down in south TX to offer dinner/drinks to celebrate! May this new year be inspiring and enlightening and you accomplish much in your personal life, your teaching, your writing. :)

    Bar Tale )

    What's more interesting is an email I got from someone in Wellington who said their normal early morning music listening was startled when I played Dylan and Barry Manilow back to back and wanted to know why I would do that. My response before coming here was "Why not?" Of course I didn't remember playing until I deciphered my notes from last night (I should have used Friday's entry subtitle reference to Sesame Street today instead of then): lots of unconnected letters. I think it all makes sense; I'm sure someone will tell me about any typos.

    Music Sample-2/11

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    My sister and I got through the initial sorting of my photos. It took nearly four hours to go through them all. There were some she had never seen before: namely some old girlfriends, places or photos L. and I had taken shots of, more recent pics. There were quite a number of shots my mother had given me of her, my dad, their parents and other relatives I had never really seen before. We often talked about a lot of them, especially the ones regarding women I've had relationships with before that my sister did not know about. I think it is often interesting to hear or tell the stories behind or surrounding photos. My sister seemed particularly touched by my telling her about an early college woman I had a relationship with whose picture of her and her brother I still have as well as a recent story she seemed really glad to hear.

    I'm kind of concerned about my poetry writing of late. The one I wrote not too long ago--part of which was exhibited here [see 13]--I got a chance to read aloud but I don't think it went over too well. (Maybe she'll let me read it again? Maybe the poem does not merit that?) I came across this one today that I wrote coming back to MI just before finally moving down here in FL.

    "On a Plane" by TL

    looking down through the clouds,
    I see a constellation
    of water stars shining.
    I hear Adrienne's instructions,
    her eyes shining like two gems
    from some secret treasure.
    I hear Cobain in my head
    in a similar song, not the words,
    but only a hummed melody.

    This may become a Sunday or Monday habit of music listing. Don't know yet.

    Music Sample-1/07
    Music Sample-1/14
    Music Sample-1/28

    ~avec plaisir~


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