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lotus: a water lily with large leaves, regarded as sacred in ancient Egypt, modern South Asia, China and Tibet; in Greek mythology, a plant that makes people who eat it feel a pleasant drowsiness; flower that makes people feel dreamy, indolent and forgetful. (various sources)

It was not Omicron Ceti that I came back from the day before yesterday but it does feel like I'm in the final arc of a soma-like gyre from the conference. I could not give a number to how many people I met in New Orleans, in and out of the conference itself, but I hope I did at least begin some strong liaisons with folks from other places, perhaps go so far as to begin some solid friendships. As the link below testifies, there were a number of good times to be had besides the regular business of association work and law librarianship. Bourbon Street is truly a creature unto itself that writhes and seduces nonstop day and night. The trip wasn't all good times though: the night and day of the opulence of St. Charles Street and the desolation of the Lower Ninth Ward only a few miles away can disquiet even the most optimistic person. In viewing what is left in that latter area, the interesting notion is not being bothered so much by the destruction still evident on the houses or, in some cases, the still visible nine or ten foot high former high water line, but rather the X's spray painted on these houses and what the numbers added beside them stand for. There still may be more time needed for me truly to assess the trip but my eyes are open.

Film's NO Pics

Film watched this week
From Russia with Love (Terrence Young, 1964)

Most played music (#797)
1. What I've Done--Linkin Park (8 wks.)
2. Capital G--Nine Inch Nails
3. False Pretense--The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
4. Flathead--The Fratellis
5. Once Upon a Time--Air
(new music: "1234"--Feist (22.))

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[Poll #974296]

Films watched this week
Karoshi No Rakuin (Branded to Kill) (Seijun Suzuki, 1967)
Ben-Hur (William Wyler, 1959)
Arthur (Steve Gordon, 1981)
The Best Years of Our Lives (William Wyler, 1946)
Tristram Shandy: A Cock and Bull Story (Michael Winterbottom, 2005)

Most played music (#785)
1. Everything--Buckcherry (1 wk.)
2. Survivalism--Nine Inch Nails
3. Pain--Three Days Grace
4. Smile--Lily Allen
5. Dig--Incubus
(new music: "You Are the One"--Shiny Toyguns (27.))

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The late Ray Charles really was a musical genius. It's too bad a lot of that early brilliance was marred by heroin.

Our law school's new building was officially dedicated Wed. with help by former Detroit Mayor Dennis Archer whose speech was really good. Mayor Archer's appearance was in part due to his mayoral service but more for his time before that on the Michigan Supreme Court. It was a beautiful warm day out then (not cool like today) and the reception was really nice. I got to shake Mayor Archer's hand, let him know I was a WSU alumnus and express to him my appreciation for his two terms in office and his starting the revitalization of Detroit. For those of you most appreciated readers who don't know, Mayor Archer had some major obstacles to overcome before and during his tenure as mayor: pre-election opposition from retired mayor Coleman Young who had hand-picked a City Council woman named Sharon McPhail to run against Archer in hopes of succeeding Young and furthering the corrupt stagnation during the now retired mayor's years of urban decay, as well as continued opposition from the same camp throughout Archer's time in office, including a recall attempt in 2001.

This weekend I may focus on some writing and cleaning house, especially if it's going to be cool out the next few days. Some gaming too maybe?

Films watched this week
The Libertine (Laurence Dunmore, 2005)
All Quiet on the Western Front (Lewis Milestone, 1930)
Awakenings (Penny Marshall, 1990)
Amadeus (Milos Forman, 1984)
M:i:III (J.J. Abrams, 2006)
American Beauty (Sam Mendes, 1999)
The Man with the Golden Gun (Guy Hamilton, 1974)
Amistad (Steven Spielberg, 1997)
Brick (Rian Johnson, 2005)
Anastasia (Anatole Litvak, 1956)
Find Me Guilty (Sidney Lumet, 2006)
Anatomy of a Murder (Otto Preminger, 1959)
Home Alone (Chris Columbus, 1990)
Animal Crackers (Victor Heerman, 1930)
Ray (Taylor Hackford, 2004)
Annie Hall (Woody Allen, 1977)

Most played music (#782)
1. You're All I Have--Snow Patrol (6 wks.)
2. Pain--Three Days Grace
3. Read My Mind--The Killers
4. Everything--Buckcherry
5. Survivalism--Nine Inch Nails
(new music: "What I've Done"--Linkin Park (8.); "The Missing Frame"--AFI (24.))

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Book finished this week
The Last Tycoon F. Scott Fitzgerald (1941, c1969)

Films watched this week
The Lords of Flatbush (Stephen F. Verona & Martin Davidson, 1974)
Broken Flowers (Jim Jarmusch, 2005)
The New World (Terrence Malick, 2005)
The Matador (Richard Shepard, 2004)
Inside Man (Spike Lee, 2006)

Most played music (#774)
1. Snow ((Hey Oh))--Red Hot Chili Peppers (3 wks.)
2. Necessary Evil--The Dresden Dolls
3. Push--Madonna
4. Love Like Winter--AFI
5. You're All I Have--Snow Patrol
(new music: "Everything"--Buckcherry (25.); "Secret Phrases"--Mercy Brown (30.))

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I've been deluged this past week with propoganda from vendors for the upcoming conference in St. Louis that I will be at from Saturday to Wednesday (Annual Meeting of the American Association of Law Libraries); the number of vendors seems ALA conference-like, so that is interesting. My bosses, namely the director and assistant director, both of whom will also be there, are scrambling as I to get coordinated. The director, N., seems to have a mind to introduce me to a LOT of people so I'm steeling myself up for this. The good news is I will be seeing my colleague from library school at the conference, R., who, in the two years he was been in New Mexico, has been promoted twice, is teaching classes at the professorial level (he was a former trial lawyer before going to library school), and is chair or officer of at least 3-5 committees in AALL. (I thought I was a fast networker.) R. is unabashedly homosexual and wants to get me involved with a social responsibility committee he is part of that sounds interesting. I think about some of the classes R. and I and another good friend, a lovely, married woman named S. took together, especially an Internet class we had that we found absurdly simple such that all we did for four months was goof off in the back which tended to piss off the Oriental man teaching the course. S. was the director of her small Catholic college's library, but because the school was actually owned by Tom Monaghan (founder and multi-billionaire of Little Caesar's franchise), when I graduated library school, their school had plans of relocating to Naples, Florida. S. and I lost touch and I do not know where she currently is living. I hope R. knows some information about her.

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Book finished this week
The Ways of White Folks Langston Hughes (1933, c1990)

Movies/Other watched this week
X-Files 2x24 "Our Town" (5/12/1995)
X-Files 2x25 "Anasazi" (5/19/1995)
Norma Rae (Martin Ritt, 1979)
Real Genius (Martha Coolidge, 1985)

Most played tracks (#743)
1. Hands Open--Snow Patrol
2. The Adventure--Angels and Airwaves
3. Miss Murder--AFI
4. Dani California--Red Hot Chili Peppers
5. This is Such a Pity--Weezer
(new track: "Crazy"--Gnarls Barkley (17.))

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House Roses )

First off, HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] muckalarkuary!!!! May this day be fun and the new year in this life be rewarding and fulfilling!! :)

For your pleasure, dear readers, are the house roses by the corner of my house. Lovely aren't they? :) For most of this year these plants will compete friendly against one another in blooming. I know I've mentioned them before but I thought I would show rather than tell you readers, including the former reader who showed up surprisingly and unannounced last Sat. but disappointingly did not have the courage to pull into my driveway (I was mowing the lawn at the time); I hope she finds this courage someday.

A week off it's been, most appreciated readers and a surprising amount of things have happened. First off, I went to my parents' for a few days in central FL (Ocala) and it was a relaxed time. They made more mention of my becoming guardian of their wills (in lieu of my older sister) but made only brief mention of it; that is good, for I don't really want to think of that right now. I'm scared enough they are still chain smoke killing themselves.

I also was appointed two more classes to teach at the community college I told you I was commissioned at a few weeks ago [see 103] only this time at a Northern campus in the metro area. So, I have two classes for the summer (at 2 locations) and one for sure in the fall now. I know that puts a little crimp in travel plans (sorry [ profile] l_aurens, [ profile] arthippy :( )as well as working around two professional library conferences I'm slated to go to. Needless to say, dear readers, it's going to be a busy summer (in many ways).

I also finished my taxes (with Dad's software help) and only owe the gov'ment $253 vs. what I thought might be $2000. Thank goodness for property ownership, student loan interest, and itemized deductions!!

By happy accident the other day on my parents' limited ISP, I came across a current picture of the woman I mentioned I first was in love with [see 16]. N. looks thinner than she was when I knew her but I know why methinks: she never finished her studies at Wisconsin, Madison, for several months after we officially broke off from one another--and just as the L. era was beginning for me--she had something terrible happen in her family involving the gentleman in the picture and she went back to the midwest (Kansas) where she hails originally, prolonging going back to college for a few years.

N. and Brother )

I came across this picture a few weeks ago when my sister and I sorted out what I had. When I got home yesterday I found it again and almost cried I was overcome. When we were together, N. had given it to me as something she deemed special. So now I need to get in touch with her and return to her something that does not rightfully belong to me.

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Books finished this week
Just So Stories Rudyard Kipling (1897-1902, 1912, c1974)
The Metamorphosis Franz Kafka (1915, c1986)
The Tragedy of Pudd'nhead Wilson Mark Twain (1894, c1980)
The Comedy of Errors William Shakespeare (1594, c1963)

Movies watched this week
Shock Corridor (Samuel Fuller, 1963)
Dear America: Letters Home from Vietnam (Bill Coultrie, 1987)
Places in the Heart (Robert Benton, 1984)
Look Who's Talking (Amy Heckerling, 1989)
She's Having a Baby (John Hughes, 1988)
"Papillon" (Franklin J. Schaffner, 1973)

Most played tracks (#729)
1. Dance, Dance--Fall Out Boy
2. Waiting--Trapt
3. The Fallen--Franz Ferdinand
4. Dirty Harry--Gorillaz
5. Yesterday Never Tomorrow--The Stills
(No new tracks this week)

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Ahh, the weekend is here finally! I think I'm going to see Capote this weekend before P.S. Hoffman wins the Best Actor Oscar. It's good to see this Hoffman rise above his former habit of being a marginal character actor who was known to buddy around with a marginal director like P.T. Anderson (though one could say that Hoffman's true talent was first evident in Anderson's Magnolia).

I'd like to begin the entry by saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY, INFINITE_RES!! May this new year for you in this life be enlightening and enriching, particularly with your teaching, your family and anything else. :)

Library Thoughts )

Finally, dear readers, I've been officially offered some volunteer work at a local women's shelter to do tutoring. I will be assisting in reading, English as a Second Language, and library work at this place not too far from my house. I'm happy to get back into instruction and I feel good about this chance to participate more in my community.

Different Observations (please share yours too) )

Movies watched this week
The Naked Kiss (Samuel Fuller, 1964)
Zorba the Greek (Michael Cacoyannis, 1963)
In Country (Norman Jewison, 1989)
Wisdom (Emilio Estevez, 1987)

Most played tracks (#723)
1. Talk--Coldplay
2. Bend and Break--Keane
3. Earthquake Weather--Beck
4. Animals-Nickelback
5. Yesterday Never Tomorrow--The Stills
(new tracks: "Savin' Me"--Nickelback (20.); "Our Truth"--Lacuna Coil (28.))

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"...peace and joy..." --"Hell Yes", Beck (2005)

I'm not sure how it happened or whether there is any real embedded meaning to it but I am currently reading two science fiction books: The Martian Chronicles by Ray Bradbury and The Man Who Fell to Earth by Walter Tevis. I've come to realize thus far that both seem to be surreal looks at the genre and I'm not sure what to think about them yet. [Footnote: I am also trying to get through the last volume of Stephen King's Dark Tower and am struggling for whatever reason.] In the latter book's case, I cannot help seeing David Bowie as Newton and also thinking Hey, this is the same author who wrote The Hustler. Perhaps this will change. Maybe I figured unconsciously that I would be revisiting soon some classic lit-ra-ture and I needed a little light reading first.

"Lincoln said, 'With malice toward none, with charity to all.' Nowadays they say, 'Think the way I do or I'll bomb the daylights outta you.'" --Grandpa Vanderhof (You Can't Take It with You)

Our leaders are trimming more socially responsible programs from the next fiscal year budget to further fund the military nonsense in Iraq. Among those things cut are programs designed to: help protect and prevent schools from drugs; giving money to local communities to curtail poverty; assistance to local police in drug-related crime. These programs were all labeled in some fashion a budgetary "waste" which seems inconceivable compared to the monies we are expending overseas. I can't help thinking we're becoming more a "those that have" vs. "those that do not have" society every day. What do you think, dear readers?

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Movies watched this week
You Can't Take It with You (Frank Capra, 1938)
Barefoot in the Park (Gene Saks, 1967)

Most played tracks (#722)
1. Talk--Coldplay
2. Bend and Break--Keane
3. Earthquake Weather--Beck
4. Animals--Nickelback
5. Soul Meets Body--Death Cab for Cutie

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The weekend is here at last, dear readers. This weekend I have my monthly cleaning up and organizing house and yard. It may seem like a laborous, boring task but, hey I put in some music loudly and take care of it (it is my house, haha with no neighbors on the other walls to contend with!). I always get a sense of pride whenever it's finished and thankful to be where I am. :) My sister is coming by on Sunday finally to help organize my photos. (I mentioned the first time we tried to arrange this not too long ago [see 31].) It should be good. :)

Oscar Buzz )

Ah, well, a lean weekend until I get paid Tues. I think I can get by till then. I have some important things happening next week I hope. More on that then.

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Movies watched this week
Samurai II: Duel At Ichijoji Temple (Hiroshi Inagaki, 1955)

Most played tracks (#720)
1. Talk--Coldplay
2. Every Day is Exactly the Same--Nine Inch Nails
3. Soul Meets Body--Death Cab for Cutie
4. Bend and Break--Keane
5. Earthquake Weather--Beck

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When the child was a child... )

When the child was a child... )

When the child was a child...* )

Different Observations )

Movies watched this week
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (Robert Zemeckis, 1988)
Samurai I (Musashi Miyamoto) (Hiroshi Inagaki, 1954)
Wings of Desire (Der Himmel Über Berlin) (Wim Wenders, 1987)

Most played tracks (#719)
1. Talk--Coldplay
2. Every Day is Exactly the Same--Nine Inch Nails
3. Dare--Gorillaz
4. Soul Meets Body--Death Cab for Cutie
5. Bend and Break--Keane

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Meh, I'm glad Friday is here. I'm also glad I was mercifully beat bad in first round of pool playoffs last night (as well as our team; yes, it was not pretty; still that means a long second round Saturday starting early and ending late) then when I got home promptly collapsed into bed exhausted and got rest. So I am thankfully more refreshed this morning. First things first, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, C!! (aka viana_qoh); have fun with Kelsey and celebrate!

As mentioned above, I have playoffs tomorrow so that kind of puts a hold on my sister coming over this weekend to help with photos; maybe next weekend. Sheesh, in looking over the last two posts--and what I wrote during that time--I was truly out of it so please forgive my ramblings, dear readers, and thanks as ever for your support.

I'm anxious to get my one manuscript done--and typed which takes so much time in itself--because I'm getting more ideas for my next story (which is an existing short story already I just have more ideas to expand it). One thing at a time....

Happy Friday, valued friends: take long lunches, have a drink, and celebrate the arrival of the weekend!

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Movies watched this week
The Squid and the Whale (Noah Baumbach, 2005)
Die Hard with a Vengance (John McTiernan, 1995)
Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (Mike Nichols, 1966)
This is Spinal Tap (Rob Reiner, 1984)

Most played tracks (#718)
1. Dare--Gorillaz
2. Talk--Coldplay
3. Every Day is Exactly the Same--Nine Inch Nails
4. Precious--Depeche Mode
5. Soul Meets Body--Death Cab for Cutie

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I had a surreal moment this morning. Because of the literal cold front coming through the area, our temps have dropped to near freezing and I caught a scent of wood burning in the air walking to the car, reminiscent of MI fall weather. It also made me wonder if K. was experiencing the same on the west side of the state.

Cities, streets, geography )

My writing has forged forward from where it left off before the holidays. I'm hoping to get the current manuscript first draft done before March (a goal). K. told me about a very good story idea she plans to write soon and I am excited about that. I also noticed others among you, dearest readers, who are following their respective muses and I wish you success in the telling of your stories or painting your poetic images.

And now something new I'd like to start doing once a week...

Something new )

Movies watched this week
Die Hard 2: Die Harder (Renny Harlin, 1990)
When We Were Kings (Leon Gast, 1996)

Most played tracks (#717)
1. Dare--Gorillaz
2. Move Along; The All-American Rejects
3. Precious--Depeche Mode
4. Every Day is Exactly the Same--Nine Inch Nails
5. Talk--Coldplay

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