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HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] fragmentedream!!!!!

Fd, I hope your new year in this world is happy, accomplished and interesting! :) Congrats on your engagement and continued fortune in your studies! :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY [ profile] avianity!!!!!

Sc., I also hope your new year in this world is interesting, accomplished and happy! :) I've always liked your graphic creations and hope to see more of those soon. :)

The other night I had a dream where my favorite teacher from college, a man named George Tysh and his wife Chris appeared. It seemed we were in a combination café and art gallery and I was telling them how much I appreciated their guidance during college. George said not to give up on trying to get my writing out there because he said he always saw something in it. Chris, a poet herself, agreed with her husband.

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Hmm. This is pretty accurate, almost canny too considering the house roses [see 86]

Birth Month )

I had a couple of dreams last night. In one, I was in a warehouse that supposedly my dad either owned or managed (impossibilty being that his career was in law enforcement) that was extremely dirty, such that there were lots of small brownish mice that lived in the warehouse. They would scatter if you jumped at them. In the other dream, the best friend to one of my sister's childhood friends (and sister to my childhood best friend C.) made a rude, scoffing sort of remark so I told her to get out of my house. I then realized that most of the other guests liked her (even with the remark) and they got pissed at me and started leaving too.

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Somehow yesterday my co-worker and I got to talking about the polar bears of Churchill, Canada (the furthest south one might actually see these bears).

Ultimately, we talked about a bridge in the eastern side of Canada that then--via Google Maps--led us to talk about a Japanese bridge at Kobe.

I'm still unsure as to how one really followed the other except to say that last night I ended dreaming about walking across a deserted bridge here in Jacksonville.

With that said, I sense that either my logical train has gone to hell or...I need a vacation. What do you think, dear readers?

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I woke up this morning thinking I was in a self-reflecting mood; I'm still not sure.

In the dream, I was standing on an ocean shore in the hint of light of the day. Nearby, sitting on a beach towel, a woman was writing in a leather covered journal that I knew I had given her in a script that was beautiful to look at. She was mixing poetry with what she was writing; I remember one of the lines being "...Peace quickens the heart..." When the sun started to rise, she stood next to me watching as I, one hand lightly touching my back. Then she shook out the beach towel, draped it over her shoulder, and took my hand leading me back home.

This week is going to wind up my classes for the term, this year. I hope to be able to start on tonight's papers during the week so that I am not short on time this coming weekend, esp if I plan to go to Pa.'s Jags party (still thinking about it). I plan then to finish the CD project, get some Christmas gifts that I need to send off in the mail, and take care of that next Monday; that Tuesday I will then post the final grades for my classes (hopefully Wed. I get my Xmas present, a laptop :) ). Lots of things going on this week and next. The good thing is I have Friday, Monday-Tuesday off forthcoming to get some of this stuff done. I got a lot of cards out this weekend. :)

Speaking of weekend » Music Sample-12/09

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I had a couple of memorable dreams recently.

In one that occurred this weekend, I remember sitting on a stone hotel balcony that had a wonderful view of the ocean. I could hear the city's language rising from the streets that was familiar in some words and unfamiliar in others. The dream then shifted to the scene of a monstrously green but beautiful mountainside and following my companion, a fit woman who had a black, small backpack and wore tan shorts. I remember us looking up into a gray, cloudy sky at a stone statue of Christ on the mountaintop that looked down at us. She grabbed my hand and said "Come on, let's go" and we hiked up toward that statue.

In another dream, I was visited by another woman I used to know who wanted to show me her new house. As we sat down for tea, she leaned her head on her hand, her elbow on the table, and said "I lost my muse."

While at the mall this weekend, I thought I saw an older (as in forties-ish) woman whose smile and eyes looked like N. without being her. I had to duck into a bathroom and compose myself because I was overcome with feelings.

The weekend music was not PA-driven but was loud just the same. Ooh-la-la! Music Sample-11/25

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I had an interesting dream last night. In it, a woman I dated briefly in Saginaw (but had distinct ties to WSU) was teaching an IL (information literacy for those nonlibrarians among you, valued readers) course in the SVSU teaching lab. The interesting thing about it it was she was teaching about how to differentiate scholarly material in different languages. I remember feeling a little lost until she talked about some with Spanish titles which I am familiar with. The IL course ended and we chit-chatted as the lab emptied. Before I left though she wanted to warn me about a person as she said they were "messing with [my] head"; to give her warning more meaning she even wrote the words "MESSING WITH HEAD" on the dry erase board. The dream then shifted to a field near a mountain range with tall grass where I stood hand in hand with a woman I could not see for whatever reason. I almost said something about the spectacular view but then realized my companion would say something to that effect in a moment. Surprisingly, the woman simply said "You're beautiful." Then the dream shifted to a bedroom and my realizing that the normal space I've left for another person while sleeping (since the L. days; 'tis still an actual habit) was filled by someone sleeping there and the wonderful feeling that entailed.

To add more stupidity to the whole needlessness of the military in Iraq, the news anchor for ABC and his cameraman got seriously injured when a road bomb struck their vehicle. I had once aspirations of being a journalist but I wonder just how far some will go to get a story. I just wonder if putting oneself in harm's way is worth a single story--from whatever perspective--especially if it is eventually distilled down to the point of general American acceptability.

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I just woke up not long ago from one of the worst nightmares I've ever had. I am so charged I can hardly sit still. So let me tell you of the dream before it fully escapes me:

I am playing in a pool hall that is unnaturally darker than most halls--lots of shadows and uneven lighting--and I am slotted to play for my team (the area team of course) and I am excited about playing but I am consigned to watching everyone else go before me so ultimately I feel a little frustrated for not being able to help our team which is winning, then the dream shifts to a dining room table where sits a man I've never seen before with reddish blonde hair who is tearing up page-sized photos of people on a beach and saying sarcastically "You won't need these" but is stopped by a woman's voice deeply toned by anguish who says "Don't you dare!", then the dream shifts to my work office and a man with a ballcap on in front of me who has the most intense hate and anger I've ever seen in a person who lifts a small gun up and shoots me three times in the chest, the impact feeling like I was getting hit by a baseball bat, the force of which knocks me to the floor and I look up at the ceiling tiles and the thoughts running through my head are "I have to tell her, tell her, tell her, tell her..." but for some reason my voice fails me and my mouth just opens with no sounds coming out...

And that is when I woke up, my voice feeling like it had shouted or screamed during all this which I probably did. I feel like I'm in a hyperaccelerated state of consciousness like my body just went through a power surge and I won't even begin to try to sleep again soon. I suspect I'm going to need serious coffee to get me through the afternoon at work today.

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