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lotus: a water lily with large leaves, regarded as sacred in ancient Egypt, modern South Asia, China and Tibet; in Greek mythology, a plant that makes people who eat it feel a pleasant drowsiness; flower that makes people feel dreamy, indolent and forgetful. (various sources)

It was not Omicron Ceti that I came back from the day before yesterday but it does feel like I'm in the final arc of a soma-like gyre from the conference. I could not give a number to how many people I met in New Orleans, in and out of the conference itself, but I hope I did at least begin some strong liaisons with folks from other places, perhaps go so far as to begin some solid friendships. As the link below testifies, there were a number of good times to be had besides the regular business of association work and law librarianship. Bourbon Street is truly a creature unto itself that writhes and seduces nonstop day and night. The trip wasn't all good times though: the night and day of the opulence of St. Charles Street and the desolation of the Lower Ninth Ward only a few miles away can disquiet even the most optimistic person. In viewing what is left in that latter area, the interesting notion is not being bothered so much by the destruction still evident on the houses or, in some cases, the still visible nine or ten foot high former high water line, but rather the X's spray painted on these houses and what the numbers added beside them stand for. There still may be more time needed for me truly to assess the trip but my eyes are open.

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Film watched this week
From Russia with Love (Terrence Young, 1964)

Most played music (#797)
1. What I've Done--Linkin Park (8 wks.)
2. Capital G--Nine Inch Nails
3. False Pretense--The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
4. Flathead--The Fratellis
5. Once Upon a Time--Air
(new music: "1234"--Feist (22.))

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